stationery for easter

help brighten the day of struggling families -- click here to learn more about our cards for cancer card drive. 

easter is this weekend! i think easter gets a little overlooked thanks to the AMAZING holiday candy (easter seriously has all the best treats) but i always see it as a nice little opener to spring, not to mention the religious significance it holds. here are a couple easter projects that aren't too bunny-related to help you get in the easter spirit:

i am so in love with these easter cards from wild ink press. what a beautiful way to celebrate the true meaning of easter!

these DIY ombre spray-painted notecards from brittni at papernstitch are perfect for spring -- check out the post for a how-to, plus four other ideas for spicing up notecards.

darling bunny-ear envelopes from sara at confetti sunshine.

pretty watercolor paper egg garlands (plus an educational craft for your kids!) on the elephant of surprise.


introducing: giddy paperie

want to do a good deed? click here to learn more about our cards for cancer card drive. 

today i wanted to introduce you to giddy paperie, an etsy shop full of watercolor- and hand-illustrated note cards, calendars and prints. i'm going through a major watercolor phase right now -- i love the look of watercolor art and i think it is a gorgeous addition to just about anything, so i was delighted to discover giddy paperie's work.

i wanted to learn more about designer leslie chalfont's process in creating each illustration, so i asked a few questions -- see below for a peek inside leslie's artistic world, plus photos of the spring line from giddy paperie! (this chick card is my FAVORITE -- it has real feathers!)

the stationery place: why did you decide to start a stationery shop?

leslie chalfont: Being a lover of beautiful paper, bookbinding, calligraphy, and painting, I see stationery and paper goods as the perfect platform for combining all of my favorites altogether. Plus, it's like getting art in your mailbox!

I have long been a painter; from years of painting I discovered you couldn’t beat working one-on-one with a client to create the perfect piece of art to use for an announcement, invitation or even a gift. It's kind of like going into an art gallery but with paper. Every painting takes on a life of its own.

Setting up my own stationery and gift shop seemed like a good way to share our favorite things. Eventually Giddy came to life after years and years of my daughter and I dreaming up a way to combine our favorites and work together doing what we love!

TSP: how long have you been working with watercolors?

LC: I have painted with watercolor my entire life in both paintings and illustration work. I have also trained with some master artists and have fine-tuned the medium over the years. Watercolor painting is all about layers of translucent painting starting with the lightest colors and working to the darkest.

TSP: What advice do you have for someone just starting out in watercolor art?

LC: Three keys are important: good paper, good brushes and clean water.....often times, people over paint and end up with either a muddy mess or the values are too pale and the brilliance of the watercolor gets lost. I love the medium as it can be used very loose with a lot of expression or it can be very detailed and almost photo-realistic depending on how it’s applied. It's an easy paint to use and take with you anywhere.

TSP: Where do you find inspiration for your illustrations?

LC: Wherever I go or whatever I read, I study the design, color and shapes of things and the finishing touches. Whether it's architecture, interior design and decor, nature or fashion, I try to figure out why it "works." I take a journal with me and fill it up with ideas and sketch out everything from the feature motif to what the packaging could look like and then I tweak it with different color variations and watch how the feeling of the design changes.

I usually work in a high, vivid color key and paint what I love in life: nature, food and people. I also love fonts and calligraphy and like to combine the artwork to unify the piece. It's like little pieces of artwork used with specific purposes, such as writing a letter.

[all photos courtesy giddy paperie]

TSP: What is your favorite thing about snail mail?
Well, first of all it's definitely making a comeback. People feel special when they get a personalized card or a "real" invitation. Email and the internet are great for a lot of things and they're here to stay, but generally people don't print out an email and save it like a treasure tucked away in a drawer...that's why personalized notes will never go out of style and are even more special than ever before. What is old is new again and even better! Besides, it sure is way more fun than junk mail.

Thank you for sharing, Leslie! Check out the Giddy Paperie shop and follow them on Facebook.
*this is a sponsored post, but i really do think giddy paperie has amazing paper goods! i'd never accept sponsorship from a company that isn't a fit for the stationery place. want to work with me? click here for more info on my advertising policy. 


#write_on for a good cause: cards for cancer

so, how's it going with the #write_on challenge? we're just over one week in and i have to tell you i'm loving it! sending mail is the best. it's been so fun for both me & my son (i write, he draws a picture & signs his name) to pause, think about a particular friend or relative, write them a little note and imagine how delighted they'll be to find a card in their mailbox.

at the beginning of april, we sat down and made a little calendar to map out who we'd be sending our mail to each day. this makes it easy for my son & i to sit down and write a card whenever we have a little free time (and encourages me to actually follow through!) -- but it's harder than you might think to come up with 30 different people.

ironically, this letter-writing challenge coincides with some sad personal circumstances for me -- i know five people undergoing treatment for cancer right now. i added those families into my april #write_on list and can't wait to send them a card -- i know the power of snail mail and the happiness an unexpected card can bring, so i hope it will boost their spirits. i think they'll feel comforted to know they're in my thoughts, and that we're pulling for them.

so, it made me think -- maybe YOU are looking for a few spots to fill in for your 30 days of letter writing, and maybe you'd want to send mail to these families too. and that's how #cardsforcancer started. after the success of this year's handmade valentine swap i feel like i got to know so many of you fellow snail mail-lovers, and i think these families would absolutely love to feel the same happiness we all felt when we opened our mailbox to find handwritten notes.


here's how it will work. i've written a tiny bit about each #cardsforcancer family below -- pick one (or two, or all of them!) and send a card to them to the address below, specifying which family it's for. write a message in the card, just simply encouraging them or saying you're thinking of them even though you don't personally know them. i'll collect all the cards, and at the end of the month i'll anonymously deliver the cards to each family. it's like a secret mail surprise, sure to brighten the days of these families who are struggling right now.

here's a little bit more about the #cardsforcancer families:

  • the ross family, whose one-year-old baby girl is undergoing treatment for brain cancer
  • the angus family, where a mom of two young children is doing chemo for breast cancer
  • the jenkins family, whose father & grandpa is re-learning to walk after having a brain tumor removed
  • the treasure family, whose grandpa is recovering from chemotheraphy treatment
  • the wood family, whose father & grandpa just underwent surgery for a brain tumor
send your encouragement cards to this address before april 30, and i'll make sure they get passed along:

[family name]
16880 NE 79th St.
Redmond, WA 98052

be sure to send me an email (stationeria(at)gmail.com) or tag me on instagram with #cardsforcancer so i know to watch for your cards. 

thank you for helping to spread a little cheer to these families! hooray for the power of snail mail. 


good idea: nicely noted stationery subscriptions

i think we can all agree that receiving a package in the mail is a fabulous surprise -- now, imagine getting a package containing a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps inside! nicely noted is a subscription service that offers just that. every month, you receive a sweet little delivery full of new-to-you stationery designers, stamp illustrations and beautiful cards to discover.

the kind folks at nicely noted sent me a trial subscription to check out, and i was positively delighted to find wild ink press in my mailbox (i'd been wanting some of their latest cards but hadn't made it to the store to pick them up!) along with some fun & funky forever stamps. i can't wait to send some mail! (perfect timing for my #write_on challenge this month.)

[all images courtesy kate lesueur for nicely noted]

subscriptions for receiving 3 cards & stamps each month start at just $20, or gift it to a friend for a few months at a time! be sure to follow nicely noted on instagram, twitter & facebook too.


seattle: macy's secret garden flower show

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post about Macy’s. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

just following along with my springtime theme -- last week i checked out the secret garden flower show at the seattle macy's. with spring colors and prints splashed around all the clothes in the store, it was pretty cool to see some real blooms mixed in too.  

the flower arrangements were provided by ravenna bloom, a floral specialist for weddings & events here in seattle. wendy morgan, the owner & designer at ravenna bloom, was even on hand for a quick flower arranging lesson in store! here's wendy setting up:

i brought my boys and we had fun hunting down the different flower arrangements throughout the store. this green lady (her body was made out of moss!) was a bit puzzling for my son. haha. 

we also came across this awesome book: paper to petal by rebecca thuss & patrick farrell. 75 whimsical paper flowers to make by hand? sign me up. how's they know the paper girl was coming?? :) 

it was so fun to enjoy those pretty flowers while doing our shopping. thanks to macy's for bringing us a little spring sunshine on such a gloomy day!


seattle bloggers unite spring social

last week was the seattle bloggers unite spring social! it was so much fun. we had almost 40 bloggers there, eager to chat and learn and eat and mingle. i always love spending time with our local blogging community -- outside of blogging, it can be hard to find people who really "get" why we love this online world so much and it's refreshing to connect with others who can relate. i'm so glad we can get together frequently in real life -- it really makes a difference when you're able to chat with people face to face, since we're all hidden behind our computer screens so often!

lisette oversaw most of the party design and did a great job creating a beautiful first-day-of-spring soiree. here are a few pictures from the night, if you'd like to see -- first photo by me, all other pictures courtesy lisette wolter-mckinley photography unless otherwise noted:

the focus of the night was a great panel comprised of aran goyoaga (food stylist, photographer, cookbook author and blogger at cannelle et vanille), alice currah (PBS parents contributer, cookbook author and blogger at savory sweet life) and brandi henderson (renowned pastry chef and founder of the pantry at delancey, a famous community kitchen here in town). they discussed everything from their favorite social media tools, to what they look for when reading other blogs, to ways to stay true to yourself in the online space. it was a really inspirational conversation. (photos below via the @SBUmeetup instagram feed.)

we had a delicious spread of food, with trophy cupcakes (my #1 favorite cupcake, they're the best!) and carrot crostinis from taylor at ginger and salt. lisette also made blueberry lavender lemonade, caprese and fruit skewers and gluten-free peanut butter cookies. 

the decorations were fantastic. we had gorgeous fresh flowers from our friends at valley & co and marigold and mint (it WAS the first day of spring, after all!) plus tissue paper flowers made by lisette. shannon eileen made a beautiful art print and we had pink and gold tassel garlands from a new etsy shop based here in seattle, tassel love

[photo by me]

and, of course, all attendees left with a gift bag -- personalized with a watercolor nametag by melissa leith. they were filled with treasures from local artisans (and one international artisan!) and judging by the squeals of delight upon delivery i'd say our guests loved them. special thanks to Kinfolk | Hot Cakes Cakery | studioMANUFACT | Pelindaba Lavender | Sparrow + Wolf | Dahlia Press | Wren Bird Arts | Rachel Austin | San Juan Sea Salt | Wallingford & Co. for contributing! and extra thanks to the portland-based betsy & iya jewelry studio for donating some beautiful pieces for us to raffle off to two lucky attendees. (first photo by me.)

the biggest thanks of the night goes to Bing for making the night possible. #thanksbing indeed -- they're always making creative endeavors a little easier, both online and off. (photo by me.)

all in all, a fabulous night. and stay tuned, because we'll be announcing more meetups shortly! if you're in seattle, i hope to see you in real life soon -- and even if you're not, i hope you''ll follow along with our adventures via social media. 
@SBUmeetup on Twitter
@SBUmeetup on Instagram


30 days of mail: WRITE_ON with egg press & hello!lucky

[image via egg press]

two of my favorite stationery studios, hello!lucky and egg press, have teamed up to create the WRITE_ON challenge: get as many people as possible to write 30 letters to 30 people in 30 days during april -- national letter writing month.

to encourage you to join, you can sign up here to receive a FREE write_on kit including 4 letterpress cards. each card will have instructions on the back so the recipient can receive his or her own free kit and continue the letter-writing goodness indefinitely. letter-writers can share their experiences via #WRITE_ON, and follow along on instagram & facebook for letter writing prompts & ideas.

get your free letter-writing kit here.

now THIS is a goal i can get behind. i just organized a bunch of my random stationery this morning and found cards that expressed sentiments like sympathy, congratulations, thinking of you and just because -- i've had those for a long time but never sent them! why sit on beautiful stationery when i could be sending it to loved ones and brightening their day? as we learned in the handmade valentine swap, EVERYONE loves getting mail.

i am totally taking the WRITE_ON challenge, and i plan to get my son involved too so he can draw pictures and write his name. we're going to make a list of 30 people to send to, then write one name a day on the calendar so we make sure we don't forget. how will you play along? and don't forget -- if 30 seems too intimidating, just start by sending ONE letter! anything is better than nothing and you're sure to brighten that one person's day. hooray for snail mail!


#MacysProm and spring fashion-inspired stationery

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post about Macy’s. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

spring has sprung and i'm loving it! after a long, dark seattle winter there's really nothing better than seeing colorful flowers start to pop up all over my neighborhood. i want to wear bright clothes and use bright colors -- especially in my stationery browsing. i've posted a few times before about the way fashion influences stationery, and now it's time for a spring-inspired look at that same subject.

perfect timing, too, because last weekend i attended a prom fashion show at macy's on behalf of the everywhere society. they set up a spring-y runway complete with faux grass and flowers, and sent models down the line wearing pretty prom dresses in every bright color you can think of. macy's has nailed it with the spring fashion trends this year -- i saw tons of ombre, sparkles and bold patterns on all the dresses.

i'm obviously not shopping for any prom dresses these days (fun fact -- i didn't even GO to my high school prom!) buuuuut it definitely got me thinking about how these fun spring fashions are influencing my stationery purchases of late. here are a few of my favorite spring fashion-inspired picks:

pink ombre wedding invitation via ruffled
ombre thank you notes via damask love
cobalt blue poppy wedding invitations via the down2earthpaperworks etsy shop 
glitter-gold foil birthday card via the lh calligraphy etsy shop
silver folded cards via annalise grech on society6
copper foil stamped wedding invitation via bella figura 

and, there are still a handful of macy's prom fashion shows happening around the country for the next month or so -- check out this link for a full list, hopefully there's one near you!

other fashion-inspired stationery posts for your reading enjoyment:


spring stationery

guys, the sun is out in seattle and it is gorgeous. springtime is always exciting (and fickle) around here as we hope that the rain is behind us -- i'm trying not to get TOO excited, but we're definitely outside as much as possible this week.

so, i'm in the mood for flowery, springtime stationery! here's a look at the new stuff from a few of my favorite studios:

fine day press (above) is celebrating spring too -- use the coupon code spring14 for 30% off your order before march 22 (excludes custom orders & invitations).

egg press (above) is offering 10% off all mother's day, father's day and congratulations cards before march 14, in stores and online (discount will be automatically applied at checkout).

i love night owl paper goods' eco-chic wooden stationery, and their new spring line is great -- in addition to mother's & father's day, congrats and thank yous, they've got new jotters and notebooks too.

hooray for spring!


introducing: wedding suites by layered design

layered design is a custom stationery & invitation business based in new orleans, specializing in multi-media designs that involve "layers" -- matting, appliqued shapes and forms, string or beaded embellishments, stamps and more. such a fun way to take wedding invitations to the next level! here are a couple past projects from layered design that caught my eye:

the paper looks so gorgeous i almost want to eat it. ;) check out layered design's etsy shop or contact them for a customized project.