best paper ever

one of my co-workers introduced me to the paper source a few years ago. i was hooked at first glance.

let's be serious. for a stationery lover, paper source has it all. exclusive stamps, one of a kind paper, pens and blank cards and journals and every supply you could ever dream of.

they may or may not have the coolest wedding invitations i've ever seen. (yep, definitely do.) plus, they have fun gift ideas like the doodlebook frame and rubix cube clocks. you show me a girl who doesn't love the idea of a giant rubix cube and i'll show YOU someone who doesn't know who debbie gibson is. puh.

regardless, a trip to p.s. is like a trip to the candy store for me. best part: they offer hands-on how-to classes. i attended a card-making class a while back; learned a couple of new tips and tricks but mostly it was just a fun excuse to play with their equipment and supplies that i'm not rich enough to buy yet.

i love their pre-made cards and tend to rely heavily on their blank cards and other products for card making, but really you can't go wrong in this store. not to mention they're having a kickin sale, going on now.

do yourself a favor and check it out, either in person (preferred -- but they're only in select states) or online.

wouldn't you just like to LIVE in this room for the rest of your life?:

[all images posted here courtesy of paper-source.com]

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