tiny prints announces 2009 v-day stationery

valentine's day is right around the corner [which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view...i'm married and i still sort of hate the holiday. lots of bad memories. but this isn't a psychoanalysis blog so i will refrain from sharing too many details...]

regardless of your feelings, you -- my fellow stationerias -- should see this holiday as a perfect opportunity to play with paper. handmade valentines are almost better than eating that five pound solid chocolate heart you found at the grocery store, and way better for you too.

i'll have more info on handmade val's soon, but in the meantime -- if you're on a time crunch -- you're in luck! tiny*prints just announced new valentine's day stationery, and EVEN BETTER: they're on sale till feb. 2!

[all images courtesy of tinyprints.com]

i've never personally ordered from tiny prints, but i've seen enough unique and adorable baby announcements made by them to know they know their stuff. i used to think they were baby-only (maybe something about that "tiny" print...i have a one track mind) but i saw some decent christmas cards last year.

and if you're still going for that handmade touch -- you can always stamp or heart-shape-hole punch the tiny prints cards to your heart's content.

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