announcing...my etsy shop!

i like to make cards.
this shouldn't be news to you, seeing as how i've created a whole blog devoted to stationery. occasionally i play around on my own, trying different handmade card designs.

typically i then give them to family members or close friends for birthdays or holidays, but lately i've wondered if other people might be interested in them too.

are you? maybe? i make some cute things [well, i think they're cute] that resemble these:

or this:

and this one:

what do you think? if perhaps YOU would like to order yourself a set of cards to share with someone you love, check out my new etsy shop:


your cards don't have to be blue or orange or green; i'm happy to do custom orders with any color, design or message you want. email me or message me on etsy and we can talk.

but no pressure to visit / order / spread the word, of course ;)

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! You are so talented. How fun, my nerdy friend :)