diy: lining an envelope

i'm all about adding extra little touches to my stationery to make them a little more unique. one of my favorite ways to do this is lining the envelope with my own paper.

how to line an envelope

1. lay out a piece of designer paper and trace the shape of the envelope onto it. [it helps to hold the paper up to the light with the envelope behind it; this way you can better estimate where the sticky line ends. you want your paper to be about a half-inch to one inch shorter than the actual envelope so it can still seal.]

2. cut out the paper, allowing enough extra to slip inside the envelope pocket so you can't see the bottom

3. trim down any extra edges on the paper and fold it so the crease of the envelope lines up with the paper. some companies sell bone folders that can help with this, but it works fine on your own also.

4. use double-sided tape to line the edges of the paper. slide into the envelope, seal and you're done!


  1. Fun idea.
    I like the new header too!

  2. I LOVE envelope liners... one of my fav embelishments to add to the perfect stationary set! Great post!