diy: paper magnets

a friend gave me some super cute magnets for christmas last year, and i love them. no cuter way to display photos or easily-forgotten coupons [or a "to do list" for my husband...wink] on the face of my fridge than with an adorable magnet.
and...after taking a closer look at the magnets, i realized these babies are an easy do it yourself project.

without further ado...the stationery place's first "how to:"

how to make paper magnets.

supplies needed:
- flat clear marbles (can be purchased from michael's or most craft stores)
- magnets, 1/2 in. diameter
- decorative paper of your choice (double-sided is best)
- mod podge goo
- hot glue gun

1. trace the marble on a sheet of decorative paper and cut out

2. cover one side of the paper with mod podge [the sticky side will be the one you see through the marble, so paint on top of the design you want to peek through] and stick to the back of the marble

3. once dry, use a hot glue gun to stick the magnet onto the back of the paper-covered magnet.

4. voila! an easy gift for someone you love...or for your own fridge :)


  1. Cute project! Thanks so much for adding me to your inspiration blog roll...I appreciate you!

    Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs

  2. love this. didn't know how to do it, thanks!