in-the-mail double header

i've been getting some great mail lately.

first up...the skirt card, from papyrus:

i think all the different skirts are so cute -- what a fun card to get from a girlfriend! even better because the friend who actually sent it to me said she picked it out especially for me. apparently i wear fun skirts.

then, this week i got this simple thank you card:

it's a roobee card, which i think you can buy at target. this one is just so uncomplicated and fresh looking with its little border and basic text. sometimes less is more.

and let's be honest. just getting a handwritten card in the mail is the highlight of my day, no matter who it's from. and an extra bonus point if it's on a classy piece of stationery :)

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  1. definitely agree with the less is more sometimes. like the border on the thank you card and yes you do wear fun skirts:)!