made by keli

via my recent etsy browsing, i came across made by keli. this girl is talented! she specializes in screenprinted greeting cards, journals, notecards and -- my favorite -- wooden cards. so cool!

by habit i'm a sucker for anything letterpressed, but keli might just be changing my mind. i mean seriously -- sand dollars and baby octopusses? (octopi?) adorable!

more cards:

a sample of her mini journals (it's a moleskine! brilliant!):

and the coolest of all -- the wooden cards. according to the etsy site, these are wooden veneer maple cards, with a blank back for you to write your message. i have never written a card on wood before but i'm thinking maybe it's time to start.

she also sells 12x12 inch prints for your home, presumably out of the same wood but i'm not positive. i AM positive that they look pretty cool:

apparently she uses a gocco to do her screenprinting. [don't feel bad if you don't know what that is...i didn't either and have taken the liberty of looking it up on wikipedia for you

great news: keli does custom orders. visit her web site here for more info and to contact her.


  1. wooden cards?? What a cool idea. They're adorable.

  2. great source, thanks. love the wood cards, retro rad for sure.

  3. super cute AND unique...great find!