meet the stationeria: pink piggy designs

i live in l.a. now, but i went to college in utah. one of the first things i learned while living there is that utahns KNOW how to craft. so it was no surprise to me, while browsing blogs recently, that i came across some stationery i LOVED…and the stationery-maker turned out to be based in utah.

i started this blog so i could share my stationery knowledge with the world -- but first and foremost, I want it to be a forum for all of us to learn new things and improve our own skills. with this in mind, I’ll be doing a recurring “meet the stationeria” post to share interviews with paper professionals.

[I like to make up words. you should know this about me. if you haven’t noticed yet, ‘stationeria’ is a word I created to describe someone who rocks at paper. :) this means they have an eye for design and a flare for paper-related beauties.]

without further ado: meet my very first stationeria --
megan from pink piggy.

megan started her own stationery company a few years ago and specializes in designing wedding stationery and baby announcements. So far I haven’t seen one product that isn’t gorgeous. She does bright colors, unique designs and the funnest packaging I’ve ever seen [check out those pocket envelopes! love it!]. Even better, Megan is absolutely delightful – and very graciously agreed to being my first interview subject!

See below for our interview…and if you want to uncover the mystery of why exactly she named her business “pink piggy,” you’ll have to check out her blog. (I can’t give ALL her secrets away!)

Paper Girl: Why did you decide to start your stationery line?

Megan: I have always been into anything creative and artistic. When I was little I loved to draw and paint with my older brother, who was an amazing artist. When I got into college I started taking many classes on website design and found a new interest in digital graphi
c design and computers. After working in the website design field for about a year, I found my true passion in life when I custom-designed my own wedding invitations. Then I designed invitations for many of my friends and family members, purely just because I enjoyed this newfound creative venture that incorporated all the design skills I had learned over the years.
After a few months I decided this was something I wanted to do professionally. I knew it would feed my craving for both the creative part of my brain as well as the part that constantly needs to be doing something new!

Paper Girl: Can you walk me through the process of designing invitations for clients?

Megan: I like to schedule an initial consultation so that interested clients can get a chance to meet with me one-on-one, and also be able to see all of our paper samples and past examples in person. During this consultation I like to find out what style the potential client is interested in and what theme or concept they would like to portray in their stationery. This is also a good time to pick out color swatches and paper samples they are interested in. The consultation is a very important part of my design process because it’s often one of the only times we meet in person and gives me direction on how we want to begin the actual design process.
After the consultation and after a budget has been agreed to, then I will begin the design process. I usually design a few different mock-ups to begin with, using elements that fit into the style and personality of the client. This is what usually takes the most amount of time because I will work back and forth with the client until we come up with the perfect design! Once all final changes have been made and I have final approval I will then send the artwork to press. Our printing process usually takes about a week; then we will do the final touches and assembly before the finished product is ready to be picked up!

Paper girl: Where do you get your supplies?

Megan: I order a lot of my paper products from Envelopments based in California. They have a wide range of color and texture options available as well as unique pocket folds and envelopes. Most of my printing is done in Utah so I get different types of cardstock here locally. We order other embellishments for a little extra touch of uniqueness, like rhinestones, ribbon, sealing wax, and prima flowers.

Paper girl: Do you have any new tips or tricks to share with budding stationery makers?

Megan: l I feel that everyone who is into graphic design or any form of art have their own unique style that makes them different. That is the great thing about art – everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and using tricks that suit their style.

I guess the best advice I could give is to figure out what your own style is and how you want to portray your work. Try to come up with something new and different. If your work is fresh and distinct you can’t go wrong!

[this is one of my favorites!]

Paper girl: What inspires you?

Megan: I seriously spend a huge part of my days looking at websites, blogs, magazines, articles and pictures of anything related to weddings. I find so much inspiration from all the different forms of design, from photography to floral arrangements. Everyone has amazing ideas and the only way to keep up on the new trends is to constantly be doing research and trying new things.

I can’t narrow it down to just one thing that inspires me, but I can tell you that I get most of my inspiration and design ideas while I’m driving… maybe that’s why I’m not the best driver ;)

Check out Megan’s blog at http://pinkpiggydesign.blogspot.com/ for her latest projects or to set up an order. And don’t forget – she works with customers all over the country, so even if you’re not in Utah she’ll be able to create a fantastic work of art for you :)


  1. That was so fun! I felt like I was reading an article out of "Domino for Paper" magazines :-)

    I love Pink Piggy...yes, yes I do!

  2. Fabulous interviewing skills. Keep it up!!! I will look forward to your future guest paper people!!! (P.S. How do you keep a blog together AND handle a business trip? You are AMAZING!!!)