moxie fab challenge

i'm still sort of learning the ins and outs of the online craft community, but i get really excited when i come across a new site or make a new crafty friend. last week i found the moxie fab world blog [apparently the online arm of paper crafts magazine] and looooved their latest diy challenge.

background: on feb. 4, cath at moxie fab announced her latest inspiration of the yellow & gray color combo and shared a few amazing items that fit the bill. then she opened up a challenge to all readers: create a project of your choice using a yellow and gray color scheme. players had 14 days to enter their item.

[and while we're on the subject...how awesome is this color combo? perfect for the month of feb / march -- gray skies of winter giving way to bright yellow. love it. it's even the color scheme of one of my favorite pink piggy announcement designs.]

moxie fab posted the winners last friday -- i loved what people came up with! here are my favorites out of the winner pool:

images from here

i'll be keeping an eye out for the next moxie challenge...not only is this a fun reason for me to bust out my craft supplies, but cath sends you a "bunch of stuff" as a prize. coming from someone at paper crafts magazine, i'm pretty sure you'll make out like a bandit.


  1. love the eiffel tower one and first...that bow has me and usually bows don't. love the grey sky needing yellow sun thought--too perfect.

  2. ah! i love these cards! i was just thinking about gray and mustard, my new fave combo. great minds think alike! :)