[one of the many reasons] why i love target

besides being just about the coolest low cost design-savvy store around [not to mention a fantastic place for cheap groceries and funky jewelry...truly, i have nothing bad to say about this place], target has some awesome paper supplies.

i found these cute guys in the dollar section a few months ago -- only $1 for a set of eight! not bad.

speaking of the dollar section, you can stumble across some fantastic random supplies. just last week i spotted a random sampling pack of adorable valentine's day paper in all different sizes -- perfect for card making! i feel a v-day craft coming on...

once in a while you can score some blank designer cards on clearance; perfect canvases for some personal design work. they also have a decent scrapbook supply for fun stickers, ribbons and other embellishments.

this last find has nothing to do with cards, but i love it anyway.

[all images by me]

this journal is part of target's greenroom eco collection -- the pages are made from 100% post-consumer fiber and printed with nontoxic, soy-based ink. plus it has such a fun shimmery design on the cover, always a bonus. saving the planet in style -- sign me up!

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  1. I've purchased those same Target cards in the dollar section before. And uh, I think I sent it to you as a Thank you card. haah.
    Now you know my secrets. Great blog concept! Keep the ideas coming!