v-day at inchmark

everyone and their mom has been blogging about love for inchmark lately, so i was intrigued -- and, i quickly found out, it's for good reason.

check out these little valentine boxes! love it. an easy and unique project if you need a last-minute v-day idea [less than 48 hours to go, people!] -- or if you need to use up some extra valentines m&ms.

brooke, the brilliant mind behind inchmark, is a former art director for some of martha's magazines. so you KNOW she's got game.

some other fun paper crafts found while browsing: fabric balloon cards, wedding invitations, gift tags. i love how she incorporates fun swatches of fabric into her projects.

and the girl can bake too...another favorite activity here at the stationery place :) i'm keeping my eye on this lady -- can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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