decorative packing tape

this is the COOLEST thing i've seen in a while. twig & thistle blogged yesterday about amazing decorative tape -- and it opened my eyes to a whole new world i never knew existed!

this is one of my favorites [i have a thing for yellow]:

you can even double up the same patterns to make different designs:

fabulous! talk about packing things up in style. i'll have to pick up a couple of these rolls the next time i ship a package :) obviously, this isn't really a paper product, per se, but a good stationery fiend always needs some fun accessories!

you can buy the tape here -- or if you're really interested in the world of decorative tape, check out the i love sticky tape blog. seriously. coolest product ever.


  1. Oh wow. I LOVE those! How super fun!

  2. Sooooo rad, just ordered 2. The perfect way to set packages apart for editors/buyers and of course my Mom for mother's day! Thanks!