kindred printables

holly at decor8 introduced a new endeavor last weekend: kindred, a site created to share complimentary, useable art with you at NO COST. i love free, don't you?

the site has a bunch of beautiful desktop wallpaper you can download [it's a little too soothing for me, actually] but there is also stationery to print yourself. the best feature coming out of kindred is gratitude notes -- what a great idea!

from the site:

We thought it would be nice to have a little something that you can download for free. A place where you can jot down little notes throughout the day -- but not To Do lists -- gratitude lists! You know, moments you experience, people who do something nice, whatever you are feeling particularly grateful for during the day.

i love it! stationery that you write to yourself, to brighten your day and help you be more aware of all the wonderful things in life that you are probably taking for granted. print them out, keep track of what you have to be thankful for -- and in a few weeks, look back at your collection. i bet you'll have a lot more to be grateful for than you anticipated! [starting with the fact that you have beautiful, free stationery of course.]

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  1. o.k.....so i think i really li-ike your blog! i love paper too and i am ALWAYS searching for the best stationary/cards at any store i go to and i save every single card i get! it's bad. it's fun. i get it! i've been making my own cards for years - hmmm...maybe this calls for another craft night!