surprise party invitations

we are throwing my grandmother a surprise 75th birthday party in a few weeks [let's hope she doesn't stumble across this blog], and i was requested to make the invitations.

let's get this straight...she's not your average geriatric woman. my grandma (affectionately referred to as "grammie") is a volunteer firewoman, a world traveler [africa, vietnam, most of europe and the panama canal are places she's been in the last YEAR], a cake-decorating extraordinaire and the world's best stylish shopper. so i wanted these invitations to have a little pizzazz and sass, just like her.

most products were picked up
here -- i thought the booklet cards with unfolding flaps added a fun little "surprise" to the surprise party invite. i secured the flap with little color-coordinated brads.

the front of the card (and the mailing labels) were hand-written, but i had too much info (and not enough time) to hand-write the inside. thus, a very boring typed-out interior:

oh well, at least it gets my point across.
i was playing off of this hot mustard-and-slate color trend, and i was happy with how they turned out.


  1. I LOVE THESE CARDS! Seriously...maybe you could help me, since I am planning on homemaking Brandon's graduation announcements :-)

    You are stinkin creative. Seriously...

    P.S. I like how you blurred out the address of Rae & Gordon Clawson in the invite, but then strategically had their address placed on the mailing label in the first picture :-). I am SOOO going to that party now!

    Your grandma sounds awesome.

  2. Great cards! I love them. And yay! It's your grandma with the amazing frosting/cake recipes! I'm sure it will be an awesome party.

  3. love these cards! love the sticker part and trend coloring. sweet.