birthday gift

one of my fellow craft-loving friends had a birthday recently, and i wanted to give her something handmade. i didn't have a ton of time [or a ton of budget], so i made her a stack of cards.

this style of cards is a perfect way to showcase fun decorative paper you've got lying around; it's also one of those crafts that don't take a ton of time but come out looking pretty cute anyway.

i started with a bunch of different colored cards [out of my awesome new 50-pack from michael's] and gathered a bunch of pretty scrapbook paper that i'd been trying to figure out what to do with. i cut out a piece big enough to create a wide sash down the front of the card, added a personalized tag [her name is sarah, not mine!] and voila!

remember this one for the next time you need a gift -- the recipient will love the handmade touch [who wouldn't? i almost want to make a go-to stack for myself, the next time i need a last-minute card!] and you'll love how easy they are to make.


  1. it's a lovely gift. i would be truly happy to receive these. great idea!

  2. My birthday is June 4th...just throwing it out there :)

  3. Great idea and lovely paper.