box of cards

i was browsing michaels [my favorite crafty store, because in california we don't have the best selection] last week and discovered this -- a box of multi-colored blank cards:

fifty cards for just $9.99. not a bad deal! they are textured like my adhesive matstack and are white on the inside -- not my first choice of blank cards for cardmaking, but they'll work! a lovely large supply to draw from when making birthday presents or gifts for other people. so many fun colors all in one box!

the best part was -- i'm on michaels' email list and last week i got a set of coupons to use, a different amount on each depending on how much you spent. i handed over my 40% off coupon at checkout [which was attached to a 50% off coupon if i spent $75 or more] for my discount, and the lovely checkout guy used that for some scrapbook paper i bought AND THEN used the 50% off coupon for the cards!

i'm not one to knock an awesome deal, but i didn't want to get away with more than i was supposed to. i asked about this undeserved discount -- and the guy said something about how they'd expire tomorrow and i could use both. still not sure he had his facts straight, but whatever. a box of 50 cards for five bucks -- score!

sign up for the mailing list here and maybe you can get a deal too :)

in other crafting news -- i was at target this morning and saw that they now sell cricuts! wow. super exciting. and it's only $199! i have heard a-MAZ-ing things about these little machines but have never tried one for myself. do you have a cricut? have you used one? what's the big deal?


  1. I have that same box of cards! I really have too much stuff at this point.

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  3. abbie -- you can NEVER have too much stuff :) plus, these were such a great deal you can't feel guilty. sounds like you just need to have a craft party and use some of it up!