easter banners

i know, i know -- i've been slacking on this blog. not that either of you two loyal readers care, but i feel guilty and that's enough.

here's the thing [that phrase, courtesy of the lovely kara dioguardi on american idol...if you're a fan you know what i'm talking about] -- i have a day job [and a husband] which ends up sucking my free time and online enthusiasm away. but here i am! i pledge to do better at spreading the love for beautiful paper products :)

and easter is just five days away! to celebrate, i got together with some girlfriends last week to create easter banners. i don't have any easter decorations at all, and this was so easy to make -- i might just put together a few more to brighten up my apartment.

the sky's the limit on options for this project, but i chose to cut circles out of bright non-matching springtime-colored paper and string them together. i put polka-dot squares in the center of each circle to spell out the letters to "happy easter."

my comrades used stickers to spell out their letters and were so surprised that i chose to handwrite mine, but i like how it came out.

here are a few more ideas on different banners to make -- there are tons of possibilities.

happy spring!

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  1. One of the best gno ever. So true- there's seriously a million different variations of this project. And it's so fast! Yours turned out super cute. Those of us that have cursed left-handed chicken scratch are pretty much forced to use stickers. :)