eco-friendly stationery

yesterday was earth day and everyone was talking about curbing your carbon footprint. i like to think i'm a pretty eco-friendly person -- i turn the lights off when i leave the room, take the train to work, unplug my cell phone charger when i'm not using it -- but i really, really love paper. hence this blog and my cardmaking hobby :)

i use every scrap of paper i have, usually saving tiny leftover pieces to combine into something later on. that's one way to try to help the environment with all this crafting we do. but what else?
luckily, jess at the finer things listed a few eco-friendly stationery brands -- i love these! i'd buy them even if they weren't environmentally pleasing:
grey gardens -- each card is printed on 100% recycled paper and uses only vegetable-based inks, printed on an FSC-certified printer:

hoot studios -- these cards are printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper with eco-friendly inks. hoot offers great, fashion-forward designs with a smaller footprint:

[information and photos pulled from the finer things blog. all cards shown here are available at finestationery.com]

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  1. Thanks for highlighting some of out products and for the mention. You have a lovely blog!