giveaway update

just a reminder that you can still enter my stationery giveaway until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

i am beyond delighted that so many people have entered so far -- even some new friends i never knew about! it's so exciting to meet new people from the blogosphere and discover their cute blogs and projects. plus, i'm totally honored that there are people who like my cards. so if anyone out there is reading this and holding out on their entry, go for it -- enter now!

i will announce the winner on monday morning [a good PR person knows you never announce anything big on the weekend ;) ] -- so check back then to see if you're a winner!

1 comment:

  1. excuuuse me? I don't care about PR techniques..I specifically NEVER get onto the computer on Saturdays, and I did JUST to check to see if I was the winner :-)

    Don't know if I can wait untiL Monday.

    Ugh...oh well...