in the mail: hallmark peekaboo

i love getting a handwritten card in the mail.

i'm the type of girl who gets excited over an email from just about anyone [even an automated spam message from the food network], so getting something via snail mail, sent just to me and written BY HAND is always the highlight of my week. not only do i appreciate the time and effort put into writing the card, i love to check out the stationery. i think a person's card choice says a lot about them, and the designs get my creativity going. hence these "in the mail" posts.

this week i got an adorable thank you card from my grandma [thanking me for my small part in her surprise birthday party...you can see the invitations i made for the party here]. so sweet! and her card was totally cute.

just a simple hallmark thank you card with a lovely spring design. i especially liked the peekaboo hole showing the blue interior [and check out her penmanship -- amazing, i know].


  1. PS I just looked thru a bunch of your posts and I LOVE the magnets. Very cute.