letterpressed sock monkey? yes please.

hello!lucky is one of my favorite sources for amazing letterpress designs. i'm an avid reader of their blog -- and was delighted to see a post last week about their new line of sock monkey greeting cards. um...seriously? can cards GET any cuter? i daresay they cannot.

we've got the nerd monkey :

the sailor monkey:

the safari monkey:

and my personal favorite, monsieur monkey [i have a soft spot for anything having to do with paris, so this was an easy one -- i love the monkey's french beret and tiny little croissant!]

they all come with matching envelopes. what a fun card to send to someone you're thinking about -- i'd love to get one of these cute little guys in the mail. they'd be fun as a gift too. check out these and more of hello!lucky's other greeting cards here.


  1. These are so cute! I like the nerd monkey and the French monkey as well!


  2. Oh my gosh, those are SO cute!

  3. OMG! Those are so cute! I wish I knew how to do letterpress