mod podge flower pots

i tried to come up with a fun, hands-on activity to do with the 15 year old girls i teach in our church's teenage youth group. i knew i wanted to plant flower pots [something having to do with verse 28 of this scripture] but also knew that would take about 30 seconds of the ninety minutes i needed to fill. what to do? decorate the flower pots, of course!

at first i considered painting them, but i didn't really want to go buy a ton of paint. plus you have to prime the terra cotta pots, and as usual i had procrastinated preparing for the activity so i didn't have time for that. then i got the brilliant idea to use paper.

[fyi -- you'd think with all the brilliant crafty women in the blogosphere, someone would have blogged about this long before. sadly, no -- i googled for 10 min. straight and never found a good example of this simple project. hopefully i can help someone else!]

i supplied the paper, ribbon, mod podge and paintbrushes and let the girls go at it. they seemed to like the project once they got the hang of it, and i LOVED their finished products. they are so crafty -- and they're only 15!

basically we just cut up various paper scraps and tissue paper to make the designs, then mod podged them on. they stuck so well we didn't even need to do a final primer coat, but i'm sure it wouldn't hurt. we let the pots dry a bit and then filled them with soil and snapdragon / marigold seeds [all supplied by my neighborhood osh hardware store].

can't wait to see if the seeds sprout in the next few weeks!

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  1. What a great YW activity! I'm sure the girls loved it. And of course I'll be stealing your idea... :)