onyx and alabaster

i was browsing etsy this week and this hot pink zebra caught my eye:

COOL. i love the pink, the envelope liner, the zebra face. what a fun idea. naturally, i was intrigued by this designer [and her totally sweet use of color], so with a little more clicking i discovered the onyx and alabaster shop.

need some more great colors? done:

want some adorable thank you tags, to attach to a wedding favor or hostess gift perhaps? check:

looking for a different way to present menus for a wedding dinner? here you go:

[all images pulled from the onyx and alabaster etsy shop]

all designs are screen printed and i love how sophisticated and clean everything looks. even more intriguing -- i checked out the profile of this stationeria, alysonc3, and she says she is a chemist by day and a crafter at night. totally random combination but obviously it's working for her -- i love this stationery!


  1. Those zebras are awesome. Those would make perfect thank you cards for Melinda - from South Africa!

  2. hello neighbor! it is a small world indeed. thanks for blogging our card! and thank you for visiting our blog :-) maybe we'll run into each other in pasadena some where...