the ever-amazing design mom posted yesterday about tweecards, a cool etsy shop that makes highly entertaining cards. i clicked over to check them out and seriously LOVED what i saw. these things crack me up!

know any soon-to-be dads? this one says "hey, pops. holy crap, you're a parent now! i tried to buy you a baby owner's manual, but apparently those don't exist. can't wait to meet him! congratulations."

and with mother's day coming up, try this one: "dear mom, not to get all sappy but now that i'm not 13 i truly and totally appreciate everything you've done for me. thank you. i love you! happy mother's day."

this card lady toootally gets my sense of humor and i love it. she's got a ton of different messages; i especially love the hard-to-miss giant font at the top of each card. who wouldn't want a card that says "holler" or "cupcake" in giant bold letters? and of course there's always the balloon animals:

she makes "normal" cards too, if these are a little too sassy for your taste. here's one of my favorites; check out the tweecards etsy shop for more info.

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  1. Hey Paper Girl--Thank you so much for the shout out! =)

    - Amanda from TweeCards