wallpaper doors

every once in a while i like to change it up and share a paper-related item that is NOT stationery. as soon as i saw this post on design*sponge, i knew i had to share!

what a cool idea -- d*s showcases a before & after of sliding closet doors, done over with wallpaper. here's the door before [you can guess something wild is going to happen, because not just anyone can pull off fuschia walls like that]:

and, using vintage wallpaper, turned it into this:

i wish i could get my hands on paper like that for my card-making. so cool! it really spices up the room; this room is someone's studio and i bet it is such a fun, creative space to work in. click here for more information on the makeover.


  1. I saw this too and immediately started searching for some cute wallpaper. Why does it have to be so dang expensive!! I did pick up some Ikea wrapping paper that I've been using, with good ol' Mod Podge, to revamp a few furniture pieces.

  2. Really fun idea!
    And also, I like the new blog header!