national stationery show!

i love living in sunny l.a., but i've got a special place in my heart for new york city -- and today, more than ever, i wish i was there!

the national stationery show started yesterday and runs through may 20. talk about a dream come true -- more than 1,000 stationery [or stationery-related] companies, featuring more than 10,000 lines of stationery and products. three hundred of those companies are brand new and debuting for the first time at the show.

i am drooling just thinking about how magical the javits convention center must be right about now. maybe next year i'll make it out there? i can only dream :)

anyway, i'll be pulling favorite products and news from the blogging world to share with all of you -- all the people lucky enough to attend the show are already sharing the best of the best, and i'm so excited to see what's new! keep checking back for more info.

[image pulled from hello!lucky -- they are at the show, of course. lucky stiffs :) ]


  1. Oh MAN. That is meant for you.
    Are you sure work doesn't need to send you there? for something? totally last minute?

  2. Bummer. I would love to be there too, but I'm here in Melbourne, Australia. Aim to be there next year girl!