quilted notecards

my friend dana is ridiculously talented -- she's super creative and shares her amazing sewing projects on her craft blog, made. last week she posted some quilted notecards she had made and i was thrilled! give me some paper and double-sided sticky tape and i'm all over it, but a craft involving a sewing machine? intimidating! when i saw these cards, though, i figured THIS was a project i might be able to handle.

dana shares a tutorial here, and you'll see that these cards seem pretty simple to make. if you're into sewing [or just happen to have fun fabric leftover from another project], this is a great way to recycle fabric scraps that might not be eligible for other projects.

all you'll need to get started are notecards or folded cardstock, a sewing machine and of course fabric scraps. check out her tutorial for step-by-step instructions -- i especially love the zig zag lines and extra stitching that give them a little more character.

here are a few of dana's cute cards -- i think the one with the hot pink is my favorite, but it's a tough call:

i took a sewing class this weekend [my first time behind a sewing machine, ever!] and i looooved it. i'm asking for a sewing machine for my birthday and you better believe these cards will be one of my first projects :)

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  1. yay! Thanks for posting!!
    And for sure, these are one of the easiest, you-can't-mess-them-up projects. AND...you don't have sew perfect lines either! Perfect beginner project :).

    I'm excited for you to get a sewing machine. yes indeed!

    Thanks again for the blog love!