real weddings: conor + katie

a few months ago, one of my husband's co-workers found out about my stationery blog and etsy shop and asked me to make some invitations to his wedding rehearsal dinner. i was thrilled! this was my first big, customized order since i officially announced my paper services -- and i was so honored they'd want me to help out.

conor and his lovely fiance katie are getting married this week in hawaii [lucky people!], so my creative juices got flowing right away on coming up with a tropical theme. they really liked the handwritten touch, so i tried to incorporate that -- i had fun writing out the monogrammed front tags and all the details inside:

obviously this card had a ton of different pieces going on -- i sat down to cut and write each individual part before putting them all together:

a handful of guests were also invited to a specific wedding rehearsal in addition to the dinner, so we decided to include an insert for those people. these were also handwritten, and i ink-sponged around the edges for a little extra pizzazz:

they liked the invitations so much that they wanted me to work on a few more items for the wedding! yay. so, behold the specialty drink menu [to be placed in a frame on the bar at their dinner]:

and, my favorite, seating tags for each guest at the wedding itself. i loooved this gold paper -- hard to show in photos, but the paper was shiny and translucent. i used textured handmade cardstock for the white nametags.

conor and katie planned to punch each nametag and tie each one to a corresponding table's shell with gold string -- table one was a starfish, table two was a sand dollar, etc. -- so each guest would know right where to sit for the ceremony. what a lovely way to organize everything -- and so hawaiian :)

i bought the flower stamp, gray cards and iridescent gold paper at my all-time favorite stationery retailer, paper source. all printing was done by me. the additional green and blue paper accents were made from designer paper already in my personal stash [i usually hit up michaels or target for those types of things].

conor and katie, thanks so much for letting me be a tiny part of your special day! and to everyone else out there -- let me know if you have any custom stationery needs; i'd love to work for you too! :)


  1. you're amazing! I wish I could write as well as you

  2. you are so talented! all of these turned out so well!

  3. Fabulous job LP! You have such nice/fancy handwriting! :)

  4. Wow! So cool! They really turned out great! What a lot of time you put into them. I can't believe how many pieces are involved!
    I'm so glad you posted. I've been waiting for this one :)

  5. Oh these are adorable. And I love the distressed edges! I think that distressed edges really make things pop.

    I LOVE Paper Source too. Another place I frequented in Pasadena. I need to look up to see if they have a Houston store. Have you been to Mimio Paper on Raymond? They have cute supply stuff too!

  6. thanks everyone! glad you like. dionne -- i did not know about mimio but i am going to check it out THIS weekend! sounds amazing :) thanks for the tip.

  7. next invites I need to send out are being done by you!