tissue paper

i'm always on the lookout for fun things around the house to incorporate into a card design -- sometimes, the fancy scrapbook paper gets boring and you need a little pizazz. one of my recent favorite mediums is tissue paper:

i usually have a ton of tissue paper lying around my house, mostly because i seem to always grab a multi-colored pack out of the dollar bins at target whenever i'm there. you can get the cutest colors and patterns -- this present below is wrapped in striped tissue paper:

my favorite thing to do with this paper lately is to make those little flowers and pin them onto cards. the flowers are way easy to make and give a fun three-dimensional element. start out by cutting strips or tiny squares of tissue paper, about an inch wide:

take one strip, fold it in half and stick a brad in the middle (don't fold in half if you're using squares, just stick the brad in the middle of the square -- i like to fluff the squares up a little to give them more height). just keep adding folded strips behind the original, rotating as you go so they make different petals around the base. then, poke a hole in your card and shove the brad through...and voila!

i was trying to come up with other creative ways to use the tissue paper and started thinking back -- way back, like elementary school style. did anyone else use tiny, crumpled up tissue paper balls to decorate their artwork? i'm pretty sure my second grade class went through a case of glue on projects like this. anyway, i tried it out on a recent baby card for a friend...and wasn't too sure how much i liked it:

maybe less is more with these tissue paper balls...below, i used tiny yellow dots to add a 3D flash to these cute flowers:

bottom line is, it's always fun to be creative and try new things. even if you don't love the result, at least you gave it a shot. as they say on 30 rock, "no judging in brainstorms" -- and in the stationery place, no judging in experiments!

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  1. Ummmmm...I guess that's Helene's baby gift that I keep forgetting to get from you. LOVE the wrapping paper and especially the card--that must have taken FOREVER to write out Helene, but I love it! So cute to see these before I got them. And I love the little bit of tissue paper inside the pink flowers--cute touch!