bridesmaid invites

saw a little something on the craftzine blog last week that caught my eye -- bridesmaid invitations. not only are these beautifully crafted, i love their purpose! wedding invitations, sure -- but who would think to make such cute invites for their bridesmaids? wish i'd thought of this before i got married.

the exterior [is that a paper source sticker i see on the cover? :) okay, i admit it -- i'm obsessed with that store] :

love the different pieces inside. the top card makes me laugh: "i promise to not turn into a bridezilla..." :

from the craftzine article, you can link to elise's delightful blog to get more details on how she made these. she also created a very cool homemade pocket for the cards by combining two envelopes -- what a great idea! be sure to check it out -- along with a very impressive array of additional paper projects -- here. [and yes, she confirms that all supplies are from paper source. a girl after my own heart!]

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