the great summerly swap

the lovely and talented dionne over at city of dionne hosted the first annual summerly swap during the past few weeks -- at least, i hope it becomes an annual event. she hosted a spring swap a few months ago and it was a smashing success, so a new season means a new opportunity for making new friends!

i love the whole idea of a swap. basically, blog readers opt in to be randomly paired up with a brand new online friend -- each person puts together a collection of lovely little items, either handmade or bought, and sends it to their match. we had a $15 cost limit and had to get the gift in the mail by june 15.

i was paired up with amanda from amanda's sunshine. not only was she a fun swap friend, she lives in brooklyn and runs a great blog with all sorts of tips on new beauty products -- yay! i couldn't wait to see what she would send over.

behold, a divine collection of PRODUCTS!

amanda sent me a cute recycled-paper thank you card for future use [and a handmade card with a cupcake on it!], a bunch of travel-sized lotions and gels, green tea packets, moisturizer, delicious grape-flavored japanese candy, makeup...i was thrilled. and best of all, she sent cards and a reusable bag from topshop:

i feel like i hear about topshop ALL the time, so this was pretty exciting. i don't have any trips to new york planned in the near future, so this might be the closest i get to their new nyc store for a while.

and what did i send, you ask? i collected various items that i thought might give amanda a taste of MY california summer: a yummy-smelling candle, a mini beach towel, starburst candy, bright yellow nail polish [my current fave], a postcard from l.a. and some handmade trinkets: paper magnets and personalized notecards.

i love getting anything in the mail, especially presents! this swap was so much fun to prepare AND to receive. thanks to dionne for organizing and extra thanks to amanda for being such a fun partner!


  1. OH what fab stuff! I love both these sets of goodies! Once I everyone gets their stuff, I will post links to all these swap posts! How cool!

    And yes, as long as people keep showing interest, I will keep hosting these things. They are so much fun!

  2. Oh man, I haven't gotten mine yet! Well, I did just send my box out on Wednesday (oops). I love that Dionne does this and I can't wait to show you what I got too!

  3. How fun! You certainly received some wonderful goodies!

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello!

    :) Pamela