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our first guest blogger is kelly rinehart of the lovely purple lemon designs. kelly's blog was one of the first design blogs i started reading a while back, and kelly and i have struck up a great online friendship via twitter and blogging. in addition to her day job, kelly runs purple lemon designs -- you can see her great etsy shop here -- and sells the cutest personalized stamps i've ever seen.

i thought she'd be a great source to tell us a little more about the connection between design and correspondence...read on for her reply.


When Lyndsey asked me to write about the connection between design and correspondence and why it makes a difference to receive a letter on beautiful stationery vs. regular paper, I had to start thinking. As a stationery designer, I guess this is a basic idea. I hope everyone sent pretty letters or cards to all their correspondents. But then the question comes to mind, “Why should we?” Let me try to answer that today.

First, I think your stationery choices reflect your personality. It is a fact that I love to design stationery. I really love it when I am lucky enough to design a stationery piece that truly reflects a person’s individuality. Stationery can be a first impression of someone through the mail. I love to receive a note card or letter from someone that I have not corresponded with before. Looking at someone’s stationery for the first time is like getting a tangible look at his or her personality.

Also, I think when someone chooses to send a note card or pretty piece of stationery to the recipient, it shows that you "care enough to send the very best." Seems like I have heard that somewhere...Anyway, I digress! I know that I don't send the water bill all wrapped up in a pretty note card, but when I want to brighten someone's day, I use my pretty personalized stationery. When I want to thank someone for a present or a nice gesture, I always use my best note cards. I think it shows the recipient that you really care about them.

Lastly, don't you just love to receive a pretty piece of stationery, printed on nice thick paper with a lovely design printed on it? Don't you just love getting that piece of mail addressed only to you (maybe it is even stamped with a lovely return address stamp!)? Receiving that personalized message that someone took time out of their day to send can really brighten one's day. I know I love to be on the receiving end of such loveliness.

I actually had a teacher in college that taught a special class about the university I attended. As he taught, he also slipped in some great life lessons. On Fridays, we had to write a "special letter" to someone that had an impact on our life. I cannot tell you how much just one letter can affect someone's life. I sent my letters to past teachers, coaches and members of my church. That was over 10 years ago, and I still have recipients cry and hug me EVERY time they see me, telling me how much that one little letter that only took me a few minutes to write, affected them.

Think about that someone special today, sit down and write a charming letter on some beautiful stationery. You will never be sorry that you spent that time to tell someone you care about them. Make someone's day!

see kelly's projects and more thoughts on life at within purple lemon designs.

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  1. I completely agree. Letter-writing is such a lost art these days, so when people get letters or notes in the mail - they treasure it. Even moreso if it's written on pretty note paper. I have a box of all my favorite letters that I have received over the years. Half of them are my fave because of the sentiments recorded on the paper, but the other half are because the paper is to pretty to throw away.