hand lettering

i love stationery made with hand lettering. i think it just gives each piece a little something extra because you know it was written by hand, instead of printed on a computer -- not that there's anything wrong with computers; i'm just surrounded by them all day at work so things done by hand are always a novelty to me :)

i'm always envious of people who can change up their handwriting to do different looks -- i love to handwrite designs on my cards but i feel like they all end up looking the same, even if i TRY to write in different "fonts."

exhibit a: three cards, three fonts, but i think they all look similar:

but i digress. the point of this post is instead to share some amazing calligraphy artists whom i admire very much.

i read about paperfinger on the linda & harriet blog a while back and LOVED what i saw. check out this amazing writing!

[images from here]

the lady behind the pen at paperfinger, bryn, also has a fun & informative blog here if you'd like to keep your eye on her. i'd love to just sit and watch her write all day.

also, i follow a blog called oatmeal and cinnamon -- which is written by a ridiculously talented hand letterer / calligrapher named sarah. this girl does NOT have my all-fonts-look-similar problem -- observe:

sarah shares more amazing hand letterers on her blog, which is awesome if you're looking for some handwriting inspiration -- and she's also a partner at the design studio miller/cormier, based in cincinnati.

so what do you think? hand lettering over digital / mechanical printing, or not?

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  1. Hand-lettering is DEFINITELY more attractive. It makes it more personalized and more special. Not only is it cool to see that handwriting of the person who sent it, it's nice to see that they put in the extra time and effort to do it by hand.