more father's day cards

in case you've been procrastinating, you have exactly FIVE days left until father's day. hope you've found a good gift for him already, because otherwise you've got some shopping to do :)

assuming you have found the perfect gift for dad [like me -- we are all about gift cards in my family, which makes shopping pretty easy], here are a few more card ideas to spice up the gift presentation even more:

love this bbq-themed card from hello!lucky:

i adore just about any card from egg press, but these are super cute -- love the little cutout windows:

a hand-cut card from storeyshop [based in the UK, but i love their products -- gotta love the internet for making the world just a little smaller!]:

and the classic look, from paper and inkling:

[all images pulled from their respective web sites]

happy father's day to all the great dads out there!


  1. Love all the Father's Day cards! I always just get the cheapest, simplest card for Will since I know he doesn't really care. Buuuut I think you've convinced me to indulge and get something cute!

  2. I like the "I *heart* my Dad" card!

  3. Oh these are adorable! I love them! The cutout one especially!

  4. Well hello to you too! I love that you came over to say hi, and I'm so glad you did, you are such a sweet thing. And a girl after my own heart...I have always had a little crush on paper products. In fact, my day out could often consist of hanging out in an office supply store...make it a stationer and I'm in heaven.

    I too wish you could have been at Dionne's party, I would have loved to meet you in person. But she's already talking about "next time" and I just know we can make it happen then!

    Well, I'm off: to check out your blog a little more! Blog-wave goodbye.