mufn inc sale

some of the cards in my city of dionne goodie bag were made by mufn inc, a delightful little etsy shop [and equally lovely blog here] -- i've already used most of them up on father's day gifts or other little notes.

in a little further investigation of this mufn company, i discovered their forte isn't cards at all [though of course those are very nice!] -- it's handmade books! there are some beautiful ones in the etsy shop -- hand-stitched and fabric-covered. i can think of about a million uses for a little handmade book: journal, gift, notebook, sketchbook.....

then, i noticed on the blog that they are having a sale! all books are 20% off right now as they clear out old inventory to make room for the new. i love sales! read the blog for details on getting the discount, and then hop over to etsy to make your purchase.

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  1. I love the books there. Pauline donated a lovely bound "To Do List" book for the Door Prize. It was gorgeous. And hooray for sales!