originals by ashley

just a quick shout out to one of my best college girlfriends -- ashley and i met in the dorms our freshman year and became great friends. thanks to the glories of facebook and blogging, we've kept in touch ever since -- even though we now live on completely opposite coasts.

anyway, little miss ashley has a brand new baby and a husband in school, but she's trying to raise money to attend her cousin's wedding this summer. to do so, she's decided to open up an etsy shop and sell her cards! i KNEW we were friends for a reason -- love of card-making is just one of the many things we have in common.

check out some of her cute designs:

now go visit her etsy shop, originals by ashley, and buy a couple -- you'll have great handmade cards AND you'll be helping a good cause!

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  1. Does that middle card have staples in it? I love staples! I actually used to make designs on paper by stapling...hearts, stars, I LOVE staples!