owls are in

if i had to choose an animal that's currently trendy, i'd definitely say owls and birds. i feel like i see them popping up on stationery everywhere -- never thought i was really into owls, but i'm maybe starting to change my mind because i've been finding some super cute cards:

like these owl cards from the jennski etsy shop -- check it out, four 4-bar cards for only $5! what a steal.

[photo from jennski's etsy shop, via papercrave]

i also came across the etsy shop of paperbyforgetmenot -- check out these adorable owl flat notes! i love them. they're made from recycled australian paper and come in earth-friendly packaging -- isn't it so wonderful when designers are environmentally conscious?

[image via paperbyforgetmenot's etsy shop]

and one more for good measure -- these wraparound owl cards from the craft pantry [snatch them up while you can -- the folks behind the craft pantry are going on vacation for the month of july!]:

[image via the craft pantry's etsy shop]

hooray for owls :) have you seen any owl or bird stationery lately that you liked?


  1. Yep, owls are definitely in vogue it seems, they're everywhere! But they deserve to be - they are so cute! I have always liked owls, along with ducks and monkeys.

    There's some cute owl stationery here:


  2. Cute Cards! And I would be totally o.k. with you linking to any of my books. I need the publicity! Hee hee!

    I just enjoy making cards and books and that's where the most joy comes from. But, I must say it is fun to send a book through the door and know that someone else will be enjoying its beauty as well.

    Nice to meet you as well. Have a splendid day!

  3. sooooo cute! love those owls!