paper cutting

last week i read this post about paper cutting and was intrigued -- i've seen plenty of intricately done paper-cut type projects, but never thought of doing one for myself.

then, this weekend, i went to my all-time favorite stationery store -- paper source -- and saw these vera wang cards! so cool. these orange cards have a three-way fold -- layer one is the doily-looking cutout, layer two is orange, and the inside of the card is white. they are beautiful!

the orange was my favorite, but there are a few more styles as well:

for those of you not living near a paper source store, you can also order these cards online here -- a pack of ten cutout cards for $38.

and since i am now in a paper cutting mood, here are a few of my favorite images from the moxie post with links to each designer's etsy shop:

[from ingridlouise]

[from catay's curiosities]

[from papercutdiecut]

there's even a whole blog dedicated to the art of paper cutting, for some more designs that will blow your mind -- check it out here.


  1. I love paper cutting. But my paper cuts are a little different to this. I cut layers of photographs and layer them to look 3d. I had a pic of them in my Pasadena Post. But these ones are lovely. Like an extra-delicate, pretty doily that I would never use, but just stare at all day.

  2. super cute! and that looks like it takes some talent!
    when are you we gonna have a craft night with lyndsey?

  3. dionne, that sounds SO cool. you are so creative! i'll have to go check out the photos. and megan -- craft night w/ you any time :)