paper source blog

newsflash! this may be the most exciting news i've heard all week [which is saying something, since this is also the week i discovered scented stationery]:

paper source has started a blog!!

if you've read more than one post on the stationery place you know that i am enamored -- okay, maybe more like obsessed -- with the paper source. it is my go-to source for most of my card-making supplies, and i love their quirky gift items and branded stationery as well. and now they are speaking my language -- they have a blog!

i think i am going to love this blog. it just launched in may and already has a few how-tos, p.s. product tips and clever tidbits to get the most out of paper source -- a huge benefit, especially if you don't live close to a paper source store. be sure also to check out the "paper source lingo" page for definitions of all the best stationery terms -- a stationeria's dictionary!

my favorite discovery on the blog: a link to the paper source colorscope. click here to find out what your favorite shade of custom paper source stationery says about you! [my current faves: chartreuse and poppy.]

add to your google readers NOW! and do something creative every day :)


  1. OMG OMG OMG! I am so excited about their blog!

    Hey, wanna meet up while I am in Cali? I know you can't make it to the lunch, but maybe we can grab a coffee at the Starbucks near Paper Source, and then head over there and browse? What are your work hours? 9-5? Are you free weekday afternoons?

  2. love your blog and your love for paper source!!!!!