recent projects

recently, i learned how to embroider. i'd always played around with it, but never had all the right supplies so it was a little difficult [it usually took me ten minutes to thread my old needle -- amazing what a difference a new, bigger needle can make!].

i started playing around with this new skill and decided to start applying it to paper:

it was fun! i liked it so much i ended up with a whole set of hand-embroidered cards:

i love how they turned out, so i've put them up on my etsy shop and now any interested parties can check them out. click here to see them.

in other news, our church had an auction last week to raise money for the teenagers to go to church camp this summer. i donated a set of handmade cards:

and, lastly, i finally learned how to make a paper box! i'd had my eye on these kits at the paper source for months and got together with a friend to put one together last week [notice a color pattern here? apparently i'm in an orange and blue mood these days]:


  1. i've been waiting for these to show up!
    they turned out GREAT! Love them!!!!
    i can't even decide which is my fav...

  2. the embroidery is a very nice touch! cute cards :)

  3. I love those cards! And those paper box kits are the best! I love them, and your looks great!

    Do you go to a church in Pasadena? I wonder if we know any of the same people?

  4. Love the embroidery! they turned out great! REAL cute.

  5. love the embroidery! it is such a refreshing look. and i love the box! I am also into orange and blues.