so cal bloggers lunch

as you may recall, a month ago i won a giveaway from city of dionne. i loved the cards i got, and in looking dionne up to thank her for my gift i discovered she and i had a lot in common. we both loooove dessert, we're both semi-newlyweds, we both love to blog and make pretty things, and we're connected through pasadena -- that's the city i live in now, and the city she used to live in before following her husband to texas. small world!

in yet another coincidence, she was heading back out to so cal this month to visit, and was hosting a blogger's lunch while here. i couldn't make it to the lunch [read about it here -- i still wish i could have gone!], but since dionne was going to be in town anyway we made plans to meet up one morning at the starbucks up the street.

the whole week leading up to our meetup, my co-workers teased me that i was participating in a new version of internet dating -- good thing we were meeting in a public place because i'd hate to discover dionne was actually an overweight 40 year old man or something.

i'd never met anyone in real life who started out as a blog friend, but i am totally a fan of doing so after meeting dionne! she was delightful in person -- we gabbed about paper, married life, california, blogging and of course our mutual obsession over paper source. we had strategically planned to meet at a starbucks just a few doors down from my local paper source, so after our morning snack we walked over and oohed and ahhed over all our favorite products there. and of course, we snapped a photo to commemorate our historic meetup:

and, as if meeting such a fun new friend wasn't good enough, dionne brought me one of the etsy goodie bags she was planning to hand out at the lunch. it was filled with all sorts of lovely treasures -- i think i inspected my basket three times that day, each time feeling more and more excited about it.

inside was a reusable pink bag from sedilu green [food-safe so i can use them in my lunch bag, but it's almost too cute for that -- i think i'm going to use it to carry jewelry and other trinkets when i travel] and a little matchbook notepad from readygo [ours said "so cal blogger's lunch, but looked just like these]:

[photo from readygo's etsy shop]

we also got a beautiful little photo from gabrielle kai, a cute little screenprinted bag from PAPERsprout, these amazingly beautiful cookies from sweet ambs:

a cute little tag from lillybonbon, some beautiful earrings from lush by kdangelo -- i LOVE mine. but i took this picture from her etsy shop because it's way better than my own photo :)

[photo from the lush etsy shop]

AND, my favorite, a collection of beautiful cards. below, clockwise from left: chapters by christine, mufn inc and megan jewel:

go check out each of these amazing etsy shops, because each one is so unique and cute -- i never cease to be amazed by all the talented people in this world. i love etsy for bringing us all together!

so, thanks to all the etsy sponsors, and a HUGE thanks to dionne -- i'm glad you weren't some crazy ax murderer waiting to kidnap me from starbucks, i'm glad you are such a great blog [and now real-life!] friend, and i'm glad you were willing to share some of your fun treasures with me. hooray for blogging!


  1. Hahahaha - I am glad that I am not an overwiehgt 40-year-old man either, lol. It was soooo good meeting you! And I am glad you like all the Etsy goodness, they were all so great. Hopefully we can meet up again some time in the future.

  2. I'm glad Dionne's not an overweight 40-year-old man too! And I bet she was glad for the same reason!

    I'm so bummed that you couldn't make it this time, but I hope to get to meet you at her next one.

    Weren't the giveaway baskets the greatest?! And I loved the earrings too. They were adorable. Um, and that cookie? To DIE for; I picked out the same one you did. Dionne is just the best. And you are a sweet lamb too.

  3. That cookie is just beautiful!

    I love your blog, thanks for the mention! :) I'm happy you all had fun!

  4. This seemed like so much fun! I'm so glad you liked the cards and that you enjoyed yourself. All the best - Christine. Love your blog!

  5. Wow! What fun that lunch must have been. I'm glad you liked my cards and thanks for the mention on your blog.

    Collecting cards is so addicting aren't they?