happy monday! to get our week off to a good start, i thought i'd share something that made me laugh.

this unique wedding invitation was making its way around the stationery blogs last week, after it was featured on iDiY. i love the simple design, the clever wit and especially the fact that you get clued into this couple's full love story in such a fun and quirky way.

click to enlarge:

impressive fact: this invitation was designed by the groom. nice work!

hope your week is off to a lovely start!


  1. I LOVE this--so fun! Don't know if I'd do it for my wedding invite, but love the idea!! Maybe as a "save the date" type announcement.

    But yes, so funny!

  2. missy i need some places to check out around here...somewhere in the pasadena/kinda vacinity - that have a great selection of paper. patterns especially. i think your gmpa looks like a stud!

  3. how freakin' hilarious, Jeff showed me this the other night :) So creative!