almost home

friends! i'm back!

well, sort of. two weeks, two drives to utah, one family reunion and four states later, i'm ready to finally settle back into regular life [or, rather, my new utah life] -- and catch up on my blogging! my google reader has more than 600 unread posts, so i have plenty of reading to do. i'll get back to my regular posting schedule this week, but forgive me if it's a little sporadic :)

to ease back into things, here are some diys from the gals over at hello!lucky. i recently received a copy of their book, handmade hellos, and LOVE all the fun paper-craft ideas in there.

i'm sure i'll write more about the book later, but for now here are some paper flowers and pom poms the girls recently highlighted on their blog. a few of these would really brighten up my new apartment and make it feel a little more like home. click the links to go to the how-tos:


  1. I love garlands, but have never taken a stab at making one. I am inspired though! I need to give it a whirl.

    Sounds like a lot of busy times ahead for you! I hope everything goes smooth in the move!

  2. oooh great ideas! especially love the sewing pattern flowers. thanks for the inspiration!
    ps glad to hear you survived your tour of the western us! :) has your tummy settled enough for some cafe rio yet?