being green

i hate throwing things away. my husband teases me all the time because even when i cook dinner, i can't stand to let anything go to waste -- i make him eat any random leftovers because i'd rather have an overstuffed husband than throw food down the garbage disposal. i wear shoes till they fall apart and keep clothes even if i haven't worn them in years [what not to wear would be so disappointed in me] -- all for the sake of not throwing things out.

this of course transfers over to my paper life as well. i keep an envelope like this in my paper stash -- every time i have a leftover piece of paper, i stick it in there and try to find ways to incorporate it into my next card project:

as you can see, i've also used this envelope as a blotter for stamping -- it serves multiple purposes! ha. anyway, i've actually been able to use a bunch of these random scraps to spice up cards and other projects, so i'm glad i have them.

however, my little scrap envelope doesn't hold a candle to the way some other people use unwanted paper. check these out:

design*sponge today shares some super easy jar lids & paper-covered pencils you can make with some paper scraps and mod podge [definitely a crafter's must-have item] -- these would make a perfect gift! click here for the tutorial.

[images from here]

then, i came across a very cool story on paper crave about luckyyou.com, a website that sells handmade paper jewelry and bowls. all products are made out of recycled fashion magazines by women in switzerland and south africa, as a way to supplement their families' income. SUCH a cool idea -- eco friendly and beneficial to the community.

[images from luckyyou.com via paper crave]

do you have any creative ways of recycling your paper scraps? comment here or send me an email and i'll include you in my next roundup!


  1. i am the same way..i save it all and hate to let things go to waste. justin hates it.

    i like to use scraps for cards, cover wooden clothespins, and a lot more things but i have airhead moving brain right now.

  2. I keep my little scraplets, too! Hahahahaha.

    I love the idea of using the scraps to cover lids! I wanna try that! And the jewelry idea is brill. I am off to go check out the links!

  3. These are great ideas! I keep all of my scraps, too, and it's always difficult to justify it. :) So far I've used larger scraps with die cuts and then adhered the shapes to cardstock. Those pencils are rocking my world a little bit.

  4. i love using scraps of colorful paper when making cards. i used some larger scraps to finish off this project: http://sarahannstyle.blogspot.com/2009/06/rather-than-throwing-it-away-i-decided.html

    i really like those jar lids and will have to try that next!

  5. i love hearing all your ideas :) tommy, that's so smart to use them with die cuts...i should pick up a few, they come in so many different shapes now. and sarah i love your re-papered can! way to be green & reuse :)

  6. Check out a local library or university's education dept. to use their die cuts. That's what I do! :) It's free, and they have TONS of options.