fabric envelopes

i got a sewing machine for my birthday last week, and i love it! i've already been working on some fun sewing projects, and will have some paper-related crafts to show you soon. in the meantime, i think my new hobby has been clouding my vision because i'm incessantly drawn to fabric-related crafts now. [paper crafts will always be #1 in my heart, though!]

luckily, this one relates to paper...design*sponge posted about a super easy, really cool way to make fabric envelopes. this is so simple you don't even need a sewing machine [though i could probably figure out a way to involve my lovely new toy if i really needed to].

click here to see the tutorial. these envelopes would be such a fun way to receive a letter or other little note.

and p.s. again -- thanks to everyone who entered my 100th post giveaway! the winner was comment #7 from eileen oh, who said "Hello there! I'd choose 100 letterpress cards, hehe. Why is it that the best letterpress cards always seem to be wedding invitations?" i fully agree. eileen, email me your mailing address to stationeria@gmail.com and i'll send you a little something special :)


  1. Oh these are darling. I love this! So pretty and simple.

  2. the envelopes look great.

    I love love love envelopes, the secretaries at work make fun of me because whenever the mail comes I always want to touch all the envelopes and I almost always have a comment for everyone one.
    I just started making envelopes out of old Nylon magazine ads. Now I just need to decide what to do with them...

    Happy early weekend.

  3. ali -- cooool! i would love to see the envelopes you've made from nylon ads. fun idea! send me some pictures and i'll blog about them :)

  4. fabric envelopes?? i love it!