guest post: city of dionne

it may appear i'm obsessed with dionne from city of dionne, because i'm pretty sure i've mentioned her in a post at least three times in the past few weeks -- but she and i have struck up a great online friendship and even met in person a while back.

i was so honored she'd take the time to contribute to our guest blogger series -- complete with her signature photo layouts and style. i think you'll be just as awestruck as i was at her amazing [and self-designed] wedding stationery!


I LOVE STATIONERY! I love Paper, I love Ink, I love cardstock, I love pretty things. So of course when Lyndsey asked me to write a guest post for her blog - I jumped at the chance! I share her love for stationery - and one of my favorites would have to be Wedding Stationery.

I got married in California in October last year. Brian and I had clocked up 2 years of long-distance relationshipping, and were ready to finally live in the same state! We really wanted to incorporate that Long Distance theme into our wedding, and of course it all started with the invitations.

With the Long-distance theme in mind, we decided that we wanted to incorporate suitcases into our design. Even though I am a total girly-girl, Brian isn't (thankfully!), so while I love flowers, we kept them out of our invite design.

I wanted the pocket folder to be on a paper that had a texture to it that felt like a suitcase. It took a lot of searching, but I found a dark brown paper from an Italian paper company that was perfect. It took engraving ink well, so we had the front of the pocket folders engraved with our "wedding logo".

Then for the invitation inserts, we had 4 inserts with the various weddingy info on it, and it was also printed on cardstock that had the texture of a suitcase. I couldn't stop rubbing it! Brian and I are opposites when it comes to communicating. I am very descriptive and flowery and long-winded, whereas he is short, and straight to the point. We really wanted the invitations to capture this difference between us in a fun way. So on each insert, I would invite them in my own words, and then on the other side, he would invite them in his way. It added a nice light-hearted humor to the invitations.

Then to hold the inserts all together, I added eyelets to the corners and tied them up with ribbon, and then wrapped them in a belly band I made from some gorgeous metallic gold and brown paper I got from Paper Source.

Our programs were covered exactly the same way as the invitations. I just had extra folders printed at the time I had the invites done, and cut out the pocket so it would make a functioning cover, and then just ribbon-tied the program pages inside. For the children, we also made some coloring books and constructed them the same way.

The kids books were filled with illustrations of what makes a wedding fun. It kept them well-behaved the whole night!

Well that's my speel - thanks so much for reading! xxoo Dionne

thank YOU, dionne! be sure to check out her very entertaining blog and beautiful etsy shop.


  1. These are beautiful Dionne! I love how the colors blend and the gorgeous covers!

  2. Oh my gosh, Dionne is so talented! I love the kids' coloring books...one of the best things I ever did was put together a fun pack for kids to do at my cousin's wedding last summer.The parents were so thankful that their little ones were entertained with card games, treats, stickers, magic tricks and the like. I will always recommend something for the kids from now on!

  3. Oh Dionne, these invites are so neat! I love how you incorporated elements of both of you in your invites. The suitcase - so clever! You are so creative! What a great post! :)

  4. oh... the suit case is just darling! and perfect for your dating years of long distance... and just think, you can use that "logo" for years to come to invite people to your {20,40,60} year anniversary parties!


  5. Dione...she's beauty, talented a lot (if it's possible TOO MUCH) what she does with pics and draws is unbelievable. Her blog is my daily appointment!

    Thanks to share with us the details of your wedding stationery!