guest post: my favorite things

this post comes to you from a gal who was a real-life friend to me BEFORE a blog friend...what a concept :) sarah and i met in college, both studied PR, both got married and have kept in touch ever since. fortunately for me she still lives in utah, so i'm looking forward to hanging out with her after we move.

sarah currently writes the blog my favorite things: some fashionable favorites -- all about the best home, fashion and beauty products with some helpful deal-finding tips thrown in for extra help. i knew she'd be a great source for sharing budget-friendly [and stylish!] stationery.


Stationery is always a classy, welcome gift. In fact, paper is the traditional gift to give for a first anniversary. What newly-wedded couple or new mother couldn't use a large stack of thank you notes? I love giving gifts and choosing something that the recipient will love while still staying within my budget. Here I've selected some budget-friendly gifts for the stationeria (or stationerio) in your life.

These mini notebooks from Forever 21 are classy, trendy, and well, very inexpensive. This set of four comes out to $.70 for each notebook. The Paris-themed one is très jolie, non? I think these would also be great party favors or great to include one or two in a gift basket.

I'm so loving these modern postcards from the How About Orange shop on Etsy. Postcards are inexpensive to mail and fun to recieve. Who doesn't love to get fun mail? A set of these wuold be perfect for someone who is going on a study abroad, or just someone who appreiciates great design. In this set you'll get 8 postcards for $5 -- not bad at all.

Perfect wedding gift alert! These personalized notecards would be perfect for any couple, but especially newlyweds. They could be used for thank you notes, announcements, just-thinking-of-you notes, etc. You can choose from six sassy colors for your envelopes, and the best part is you get 25 for only $12. The esty seller, Inacard, also lives in Pasadena, so maybe she knows Lyndsey/Paper Girl!

And for those who love to make cards, this Hot Hues pack of cards and envelopes would be perfect. The bright colors make it fun to add embellishments and sentiments in a snap. I happen to love this line of stationery from Target (a big favorite of mine) and bought simple but bold thank you notes in my wedding color (tiffany blue). This set is $9.99 for 200 cards and 200 envelopes, which brings it to about $.05 for each card you make.

While it is definitely fun to splurge on stationery sometimes, it's easy to find stylish, inexpensive paper gifts that others will think you spent a lot more on than you did.

thank you sarah! be sure to check out more budget-conscious, hip finds at my favorite things.


  1. I had not idea F21 sold note books! Now I love that store even more!

  2. 200 cards for $9.99... I usually go to Michael's and only get 50, thanks for the tip. Loved your post and am loving this blog!