guest post: the rockstar diaries

our next guest blogger is naomi from the rockstar diaries. i blog-stalked into her a while back via mutual friends and have become an avid reader -- along with most of america, it seems. naomi is basically famous -- she's been featured here and here -- and runs an etsy shop of handmade headbands.

she has such a fun style and unique outlook -- i knew she'd have some lovely ideas to share when it came to stationery, so i asked her to contribute and was SO delighted when she said yes! here's a look at the types of cards naomi likes...


I admit, I don't know a whole lot about stationery products (I wish I did...) Growing up, I used to make little cards for everyone in my family out of crayons and printer paper... the funny thing is, I still do this... and I'm 23.

I guess I just adore all things handmade. And since I'm often embarrassed to send my little-kindergarten-looking-card on its way, I often stock up on handmade cards from Etsy. Here are two of my favorite shops:

I love Able & Game's etsy shop. I love the quirky edge to their cards and fun sense of humor. Their cards feature hand drawn designs of weird and wonderful people that a bit off beat and stand out from the crowd. I love that their stationery doesn't take itself too seriously.

I am also really loving Little Oranges of California's shop, which I was introduced to by Joanna's blog . They have such a modernist approach to their stationery while keeping it simple, stylish and unique. The perfect place to find stationery to write my husband a little note!

thanks naomi! see more of her life and adventures at the rockstar diaries.


  1. I love Little California Oranges, too! They have such adorable cards - i love how simple it all is.

  2. I love the cards you made for Naomi.

  3. Oooh, great finds. I love cards that don't take themselves too seriously.

  4. How cute are these!!! Love them!!!