working girl

this blog is a place for me to share all my paper + craft loves, but sometimes i feel like my real life AND my paper life need to overlap.

so here you go: i've been interviewing for jobs in utah [in my real, non-blogging life i do PR & marketing, so if you know anyone hiring up here let me know ;) ]. i set up a few interviews, and knew that i wanted to set myself apart right away. so, i decided to make my own portfolio.

i started out by covering a plastic three-ring binder with cool sparkly paper from paper source. i wanted something with personality, but it still had to function in the corporate realm -- so this blue and gold paper was perfect.

i made my own tabs [separating my resume, writing samples and media placements] and added an elastic strap to keep it shut:

inside both covers, i lined the folder with recycled cardstock. i added an envelope in the front cover to hold little business cards:

...except of course i don't have any business cards, since i don't work at my old job in l.a. anymore. i guess the only thing i have right now to set me apart is this blog [which also links to my etsy shop, of course, so my potential interviewers could see that i'm SERIOUS about paper. haha]...so i made some mini business cards out of gray cardstock and graph paper -- with a little of my newest love, hand-stitched embellishments of course:

i felt very prepared going into my interviews. buuuuuut i still don't have a job. come on, you'd hire me with a portfolio this good-looking, right? :) i'll keep you posted.


  1. Oooh how exciting about the interviews - I am sure it will all go well! Wouldn't it be cool if ALL those places wanted to hire you and started an all-out bidding war!!! Yeah!

    I love that binder. So cute, and a cute business card to match - love it!

  2. Lyndsey! Phenomenal job on the portfolio! It seriously looks amazing.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out...

  3. Cool. Great idea! What stationary place could resist you once they saw that?

  4. In a heartbeat. I love Paper Source business cards. Is that what you're using there, or are yours homemade? They look like they're the gravel color. It's great.

    (Good luck, by the way!)

  5. i love that portfolio! you are good! sweet little blog card, too! :)